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This baking competition turned into a bare-knuckled brawl in Roll & Fight™. No one insults your cinnamon rolls. No one!

Each round, you send out one member of your baking crew to throw a cinnamon roll or throw some punches. Only one player’s crew can stand supreme atop the pile of pastries and pastry chefs. Choose your weapons, choose your battles, and savor the sweet taste of victory!


Each player needs:

  • 1 board with two spaces, one designated as “Roll” and the other as “Fight”
  • 1 set of seven standard polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d10%, d12, d20)
    • d10: Treat as 1-10, with the 0 face representing 10 if necessary.
    • d10%: Treat as 1-10, dividing each face by 10, with the 00 or 100 face representing 10.


Each player:

  1. Roll all seven of your dice, and then move them to the left of your board. This is your Crew.
  2. Make sure to keep each die on the side it rolled. When you place a die from your Crew on your board, it becomes your Chef for the round.
  3. The empty space to the right of your board is your Pile, where the dice you win will be kept. The sides on these dice do not matter.


Each round, you and each other player will:

  1. COVER: Block other players’ view of your board and dice with a forearm or other opaque item.
  2. PREP: Select one die from your Crew, and place it on your ROLL space or FIGHT space as your Chef.
  3. BRAWL: All players reveal their board and dice. If all Chefs are on the same space, determine the winner of the round immediately.
    • ALL ROLL: If every Chef is on ROLL, every player rerolls their Chef once and the highest resulting value wins the round.
    • ALL FIGHT: If every Chef is on FIGHT, the bravest one immediately wins the round, which is the Chef with the lowest value.
  4. THROWDOWN: If some Chefs are on ROLL and some Chefs are on FIGHT, the players who placed their Chef on ROLL will take turns selecting a Chef to be rerolled. First determine the turn order by starting with the highest-value Chef on ROLL, followed by the next-highest, and so on.
    • On their turn, the current Chef on ROLL throws their cinnamon roll by selecting a Chef to be rerolled. They can select another Chef or their own. Chefs can be selected this way multiple times each round.
    • If a Chef on a FIGHT space is selected this way, its owner is allowed to reroll their Chef a second time if they do not like their first result.
    • After the reroll, the next Chef on ROLL in the initial turn order selects a Chef. After each Chef on ROLL completes their turn in the THROWDOWN, the Chef with the highest value wins the round.
  5. CLEANUP: Each player’s Chef is moved to the winning player’s Pile, and the next round begins.

TIEBREAKERS: In case of a tie between multiple Chefs when determining the winner of the round, the Chef with the fewest number of sides wins. If the remaining Chefs are still tied, the Chef whose owner has the fewest dice in their Pile wins. If still tied, those tied Chefs reroll simultaneously, and the highest value among them wins. Repeat if necessary.

STAREDOWN: Players should get a brief moment between rounds to look at the remaining dice in their opponents’ Crews, but make it fast!


After the seventh round, when each Crew is empty, the player with the most dice in their Pile wins the game!

If two or more players have the same number of dice in their Pile, the player with the greatest total number of sides among their dice wins.

If still tied, each of the tied players chooses three dice from their Pile to roll. The player with the highest combined value on their three dice wins! Repeat if necessary.


Publisher:   Join In Games, 304 S Jones Blvd Ste 5646, Las Vegas NV 89107-2623
Contact:   info@joinin.games — +1 (702) 670-2622  (Please don’t call us. We don’t like it.)
Game design and graphic design by Zach Reyburn. Cinnamon roll photo by adamkontor. Fist photo by George Hodan. Art by Zach Reyburn.
Version 1.01 — Available in Just Add Dice Volume 1

Permission granted to print or photocopy this document for personal use.


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Did you know that this game’s title is a pun in more than one sense? It’s not funny if you have to explain it though, so please ask all of your gamer and baker friends!

Did you know that throwing cinnamon rolls is a time-honored holiday tradition in the Bavarian town of Bamberg? Me neither, because I made that up.

Did you know that those greedy chefs at Cinnabon have their own proprietary blend of the best cinnamon in the world, and they won’t share it? I think we might need to go Roll & Fight our way through a mall food court.

Did you know Bob Odenkirk from Better Call Saul can make a perfect Cinnabon? I hope that’s on his resume and IMDB page.

Did you know that Roll & Fight didn’t have any theme whatsoever until after the art was done and the first batch of cards was printed? Sitting down to put these rules into the template I had created for Cannon Corps™, I had a very sad Summary section with no theme. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that the picture of cinnamon rolls I had used as a joke (because I was unable to find a decent free image of something being rolled) could be the perfect basis for a baking-themed brawl. I like this a lot better than “Okay, sometimes you make people roll, and sometimes you put up a fight…”

Did you know that people who complain that they got “bad rolls” in a dice game that lasts less than 15 minutes are secretly serial killers? It’s true.

Did you know that your success or failure in this game is a better predictor for future success in life than offering bonus marshmallows to children who can delay gratification? I’m just assuming so, because that other study is bad.

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