Brand Protection

With help from our distributors and retailers.

Let’s ensure the awesome game brands we’ve built together stay awesome.

This page is under construction. But here are some bullets that may or may not mean something to you, to give you the general idea of our tentative business intentions in some territories:

  • Authorized reseller agreement
    • Limitations on marketplace reselling
  • Periodic exclusive products for different sales channels
  • A premium local game store program, including:
    • Exclusive PLGS products
    • Organized play designed for generating sales
    • Promotional bonus game components
    • Permitted reselling on certain marketplaces
    • License to reproduce Just Add Dice mini-games

Join In Games sells its products in many different sales channels. Many of our products are exclusively offered in a limited number of channels for an initial period following their release dates to ensure these channels can successfully perform their related functions.

To make relevant products available to brick-and-mortar hobby game retailers (“local game stores”) for the primary purpose of reselling to end customers in their physical location, we intend to utilize the three-tier distribution system for tabletop games.

In this system, we first sell our products to select distributors, who will then offer them for sale to local game stores. These distributors are expected to only do business with entities which meet the local game store definition and do not appear on our Managed Account List.

We maintain a Managed Account List of entities which can only purchase our products directly from Join In Games. We reserve the right to add or remove entities at our sole discretion, but generally

If you are a distributor or other professional entity interested in doing business with Join In Games, please reach out to us.

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