Gen Con 2020

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You solved problems.

Thanks again for joining us for Gen Con 2020.

Fill out the form below to get entered for the Play-to-Win copy of So Many Problems: Your Mission, arriving when it hits shelves early next year!

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The next product we're working on is the "Out of Place" Box, with four new themes that have no idea where they are. If a card is directly inspired by your contribution, we'll put "Inspired by [your name]" on that card!
After you wished you were all grown up at the carnival fortune teller, you awoke to find your twelve-year-old body had transformed to be thirty overnight. All the challenges and expectations of adulthood come rushing at you without warning, almost like a perfect allegory for cherishing your youth!
Your experiment trying to leap into your own past went horribly wrong. Now you're being thrown into different bodies and different years, and you have to improve the past each time before you can move on to the next random adventure. Also, your invisible assistant from the future shows up sometimes, because why not?
Your alien scouting unit is stuck on Earth! You believe government agents worldwide are on the lookout for your kind, with your perfectly spherical heads and stationary eyebrows. Blending in is harder than it seems though because every behavior of the human species is extremely confusing!
The National Sports Channel offered you your dream job as their newest sports commentator! Unfortunately, it turns out they actually meant you'd be their commentator on the newest sports, all of which you've never heard of. Without even knowing the rules, you need to keep the audience informed and entertained through these exotic games.
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