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So Many Problems

the party game for         
people with problems

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So Many Problems™ is a lightly competitive impromptu storytelling game for 2-8 players. Every round, each player solves their own far-fetched Problem by strategically using seemingly random story Elements. Hilarity and ingenuity ensues.

The perfect game for people who want to tell better stories, like game masters, entrepreneurs, supervillains, leaders, and bards.

A fun new scenario every day to hone your problem‑solving skills.

One problem. Five story elements. Pick three and improvise a hilarious solution!

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Release Lineup

Your Mission
Deluxe Box
Four themes that won't self-destruct: Improvising Secret Agent, Long Shot Astronaut, You Meddlesome Youths, and Not-So-Super Hero.

Local Game Store Exclusive
Expected Release: Q1 2021
In Early Access Now
More Info
In-Store Pre‑order Promos
Bonus cards for trying and/or buying the Your Mission Deluxe Box in your local game store before the guaranteed pre-order date.

Local Game Store Exclusive
Included With First Print Run
Get Involved
Out of Place Box
Four themes that have no idea where they are: Grown, Random History Jumping, Befuddled Visitors, and What's New in Sports.

Designed via Kickstarter
Expected Release: Q4 2021
Early Access Coming Soon
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